Thursday, March 2, 2017

MK Spirit Week 2017... It's Almost Here!

March  6-10, 2017

Here at the In Her Shoes blog, we love to love on missionary kids.
And we also like to have some fun.
What could be better than combining the two together?

It's that time of year again!
MK Spirit Week!
Time to show off that adventurous MK spirit!

Calling all MKs! Dress up each day and show your crazy, fun side!
This year's theme?

It's time to put on your game face! Have fun with these classic board game themes:

Monday, March 6

 Guess Who?

Dress up as a Bible character and see if we can guess who you are.
Snap a picture and turn it in. Please include the name of your Bible character with your submission.


Tuesday, March 7

Cranium... aka Nerd Day

Show off that over-sized brain. Dress as "nerdy" as you can.
Snap a picture and turn it in.


Wednesday, March 8

Operation Career Day

Maybe you would like to be a surgeon... or maybe a police officer. Is there a job that interests you? Dress up and share it with the world! Snap a picture and turn it in.


Thursday, March 9

The Game of Life

Get the whole family involved in this one!
Take the silliest, craziest, most bizarre family picture and turn it in! 


Friday, March 10

Battleship... Battle of the Continents!

Show your TEAM spirit!
Dress up and show off your colors! Go extreme!
Let's see which continent has the most MK Team Spirit!
Snap a picture and turn it in!

North America- Red
South America- Orange
Europe- Black
Asia- Green
Africa- Yellow
Australia/Oceania- Blue
Antarctica- White


Monday - Friday, March 6-10
Each day we will also have...

Ask the MK!

A chance for your voice to be heard... and we certainly want to hear from you!

AND if that isn't enough...
Each day we will also host

Picture This!

A chance for our MKs to show off their photography skills by taking a picture of a different topic each day.

We even have something for our college MKs!

We want to hear from our college MKs.
They may even be rewarded for their participation!


That's right! You have a chance to win prizes for participating in MK Spirit Week.

Some fabulous people who just LOVE MKs have jumped at the opportunity to love on MKs. They are sponsoring the giveaways for each day. What's in store? Amazon gift cards! Good for Kindle books, movie and music downloads, and if you have access to Amazon shipping... the options are endless!

Must be a verifiable, legitimate, honest to goodness BMW MK.

To enter, submit a photo of you dressed for the MK Spirit Theme for the day. Also, those MKs responding to "Ask the MK" will have more opportunities to win. Even our college MKs have chances to win through Ask the College MK! AND those submitting photos for "Picture This" will have another opportunity to win! Email photo submissions to . Include the name of each child in the picture. Also include the country or field of service OR the geographic region if security is a concern. Photos will be posted on the BMW "In Her Shoes" Blog at the discretion of the "In Her Shoes" Blog Team.

Winners will be randomly selected from entries.

Winners announced Monday, March 13, 2017, on BMW "In Her Shoes" Blog.


Anonymous said...

This looks like fun! I have some fellow MK friends that told me I should join for MK spirit week. I would like to, but I'm not sure where to send my information, or how to join. Could you help me please?
Thank you!!

Charity said...

The information is in the blog post and additional details as each new post comes out. Just keep following the blog. :-)

Shellee Wilhite said...

Thank you so much to all of the lovely folks who donated gift cards for the MK's! My children are very excited about participating again this year and are looking forward to seeing the other submissions!
Thanks again,