Monday, March 6, 2017

Ask the College MK... Monday

We are excited to introduce for the first time...

MK Spirit Week,
we here at the In Her Shoes Blog have decided to ask college MKs some questions. And the fun part? They may also be rewarded for taking the time to share their answers!

So here's today's question:


What food do you miss the most from your family's field of service?


Please leave your answer in a comment below, and include your name, age, and country or region of service.


4 randomly selected winners will receive an Amazon gift card: First winner $30, Second winner $20, Third winner $10, and Fourth winner $10

Sponsors for today's gift cards:

Grace Baptist Church,
Bridgeport, West Virginia

Open Door Baptist Church
Clermont, Florida

(Thank you for loving on our MKs!)


To be eligible to win the gift card, we must be able to verify you are in fact a bona fide, true, honest, for real Baptist Missionary Woman's missionary kid currently in college.

The deadline to respond is Saturday, March 11, 2017, 11:59 pm EST.

The winners will be announced March 13, 2017, right here on the blog.


John Spillman said...

If I had to pick only one food that I missed from the mission field, it would have to be peryoshki. They are like hot pockets filled with potatoes and deep fried. JJ Spillman 20 Ukraine

Elisabeth Guay said...

I am doing college online from the mission field, so I haven't had to give up Thai food. But if I were to not be here, I would miss Yam Kho Mu Yang and sticky rice the most. It is grilled pork neck with a sour/sweet/spicy sauce on it. Elisabeth Guay, 21, Thailand

Zoie Bardwell said...

I think the food I miss the most is the bread. It is real bread not air baked. And it tastes homemade all the time.
Zoie Bardwell, 21, Ukraine

Delayna Schepers said...

I have been in the USA going to college for 2 years now and American food is great but boy do I miss the food from back home in the Dominican Republic. My favorite dish is called "la bandera" which means "the flag" it is one of the most common foods but I love it. It is white rice with black beans and "pollo guisado" which is kind of like a sautéed chicken with lots of vegetables. And on the side they will make fried plantains. It is definitely my favorite food from the Dominican Republic.
Delayna Schepers, 19 yrs, Dominican Republic

Anonymous said...

Right now I really miss our rice balls called "onigiri." My favorite kind has a tuna/mayo filling, with seaweed wrapped around it! It is so delicious!!! I can just taste it right now!!
Katie Smith, 22, from Japan

Kyle Boylston said...

I really miss yellow fin tuna sashimi and uhpw (drinking coconut). My mama sends me coconut water from Amazon so that helps, but it's just not the same. At least I have my rice cooker!

Kyle Boylston, 19, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia attending Ambassador Baptist College, NC

Kathleen Spillman said...

I would have to say..peroshki. Or bread (although I stopped eating bread for health purposes, I still love Ukranian bread.) Kathleen Spillman, 18, Ukraine.

Sally Stensaas said...

Shane Stensaas 21 (Uganda): Rolexes (This is a chapati rolled up with an egg omelet inside. Say "rolled eggs" quickly and it sounds like "rolex."

Stanley Stensaas 19 (Uganda): Beans, Rice & G-nut sauce (a peanut sauce)

Anonymous said...

I miss my authentic Ramen back in Japan. Paul Zemke, 20.

Anonymous said...

James Kotvas said "its hard to say but probably the Seco de Carne is what I miss the most in Peru" 23 grew up in mission field Peru, studying in BCM in Menomonee Falls,Wisconsin

familieclark said...

I miss the fresh bakery bread, Kaitlyn, age 20, Germany (Heartland BBC)

Charity said...

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Herry Milson said...
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