Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ask the College MK... Tuesday

We are excited to introduce for the first time...

MK Spirit Week,
we here at the In Her Shoes Blog have decided to ask college MKs some questions. And the fun part? They may also be rewarded for taking the time to share their answers!

So here's today's question:


Do you feel you were well prepared to return to your passport country for college? If so, why? If not, why not?


Please leave your answer in a comment below, and include your name, age, and country or region of service.


4 randomly selected winners will receive an Amazon gift card: First winner $30, Second winner $20, Third winner $10, and Fourth winner $10

Sponsors for today's gift cards:

Grace Baptist Church,
Bridgeport, West Virginia

Open Door Baptist Church
Clermont, Florida

(Thank you for loving on our MKs!)


To be eligible to win the gift card, we must be able to verify you are in fact a bona fide, true, honest, for real Baptist Missionary Woman's missionary kid currently in college.

The deadline to respond is Saturday, March 11, 2017, 11:59 pm EST.

The winners will be announced March 13, 2017, right here on the blog.


Zoie Bardwell said...
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Zoie Bardwell said...

Well, I did but I didn't feel prepared. I did because I was ready for college and a new adventure. But I was not prepared for the major culture shock and the fact that everyone spoke English.
Zoie Bardwell, 21, Ukraine

Elisabeth Guay said...

I am grateful that I've been able to do online college, so I have not had to face this adjustment. If I had gone to America for college, I think I would have been sufficiently prepared; however, I think it would have been a difficult transition. Just going to America for one month is hard because of the culture shock. I am so American but yet so Thai that it would make it hard to try to be "true" American. And I would miss Thailand a lot. --Elisabeth Guay, 21, Thailand

Delayna Schepers said...

Well I was ready for the change and to start a new adventure but it was a major culture shock coming back to the USA. I had lived in the Dominican so long I didn't feel like I fit in here. I embarrassed myself many times. When greeting people I would kiss their check because that is the custom in the DR well little did I know that they don't do that here. So one day I met this girl and went to kiss her cheek and she looks at me and says "hold up Idk about you but my boat don't float that way" and I was soo confused lol. Later my friend told me how that they don't do that here. After 2 years of being here I still feel more like a dominican than an American :)

familieclark said...

Yes. We had gone back enough on furloughs that I sorta knew what to expect. Kaitlyn, age 20, Germany (Heartland BBC)

Kathleen Spillman said...

I think I was prepared some...lol. Like many on here said, major culture shock. English everywhere!! And the tones...the tones in voices were so weird to me. Still are. Where I'm from it's not exactly that the men don't treat women with respect but that they don't view them as equals. And here when ask me questions...it's a little awkward for me because they have looks of respect on their faces and use a respectful tones. I'm not used to it. That was the major thing for me returning back this time. Also all the choices in stores!! Good night!! Too many choices, y'all!! lol.
Kathleen Spillman, 18, Ukraine

Sally Stensaas said...

Shane Stensaas 21 (Uganda): At first I thought I was prepared, but the more I was here, the more I realized I had a lot more to learn.

Stanley Stensaas 19 (Uganda): I felt ready academically but not culturally. I definitely needed a semester in finishing school.

Kyle Boylston said...

I was prepared academically although it was interesting transitioning to a traditional school setting after having been homeschooled my whole life. I think being a MK actually helped prepare me to be more flexible in general. I had forgotten how different the US was, so I was glad that I had a few months to transition before classes started. - Kyle Boylston, 18, Pohnpei

Anonymous said...

I did feel ready for college. Whenever my family went on furlough we went to the Christian school for the year. This really cut down on culture shock.
Paul Zemke, 20, Japan

Anonymous said...

I feel like I was well prepared for college because our family was in the States for almost a year before I started college. This helped me adjust and get somewhat used to living in America before having to learn to adjust to college life.
Katie Smith, 22, Japan

Charity said...

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