Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Smoothies on the road


I don't know about you, but I love smoothies! I could drink them everyday! It has also become my go to purge on Monday mornings. These days as we find ourselves traveling to churches and living on the road, Sundays are generally my "bad eating day". On purpose or not it seems to happen this way. Long days with lots of restaurants and hungry tummies usually end with quite a few non-waistline friendly choices. I always enjoy waking up Monday morning to cleanse my gullet with a fresh smoothie.
As we began traveling I missed my smoothies. So, my husband encouraged me to get one of these individual size blenders. Oster is a great brand! It may not be a ninja but it does a great job at blending. I hate blenders that leave you so dissapointed with un-blended chunks. So I was excited to pick up this lil guy. Blend and drink from the same cup. Great for travel!

My go to mixture is frozen berries, bananas, yogurt, ice and milk or juice and oats if I have them on hand. Tip-it's good to put your oats on the bottom by the blade. As you can see above, I used almond milk. My husband always keeps some on hand and it doesn't have to be refrigerated.



Blend and yum!


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