Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Picture This! 2017... Tuesday

Picture This

Calling all MKs!

Time to get those cameras going!




Take a picture for the above topic with you in it. Submit the picture to woonstonepal@yahoo.com . Be sure to include your name and field of service.

Four randomly selected winners will receive a $10 Amazon gift card. Today's Amazon gift card prize sponsors are:

Chris Jury
Harvest Baptist Church, Pastor James Moore
Jeremy Cox

Thank you for loving our missionary kids!


Christopher, Anna, Emilia, Jonathan, and Mattaliina, Shull, Greenland

 Moriah Rice, Italy

Josiah Minks, Japan

Micah Guay, Thailand 

Darren and Katie Tharp, Ireland

Nathan Tharp, Ireland

Rachel Rice, Italy

Seth and Jesse Schepers, Dominican Republic

Julianna Schepers, Dominican Republic

Elijah Guay, Thailand

Paul Knickerbocker, Southern Asia

Jason Knickerbocker, Southern Asia

Abby Knickerbocker, Southern Asia

Carson, Callie, and Chloe Griffin, Dominican Republic

Abigail Petersen, Uganda

Daniel Petersen, Uganda

Alezandro Lima, Brazil

Zadie Collins, Zambia

Tre Horner, Mexico

Tully Horner, Mexico

Kylar Horner, Mexico

Karina Horner, Mexico

Kirsi Horner, Mexico

Liam Bjerk, Croatia

Christian and Katia Bjerk, Croatia

Aubrey Grinstead, Argentina/Costa Rica

Valerie Grinstead. Argentina/Costa Rica

Caleb Grinstead, Argentina/Costa Rica

Joel Grinstead, Argentina/Costa Rica

Tyler, Ashley, Zack, and Lauren Johnson, Dominican Republic

Shae-Lynn, Shiloh, Skylar, Savannah Stensaas, Uganda

Gabriel, Emma, and Abigail Williams, Mexico

Autumn and Cody Bauer, Australia

Malachi Minks, Japan

Sarani D, SE Asia

Joe Hardecker, Philippines

WT Hardecker, Philippines

Kyndall Clark, Germany

Isaac, Ethan, Landon, Kayleigh, and Landon Guenther, New Zealand

Kristen Smith, Japan

Olivia Rooney, England

Nathanael LeClercq

Ethaen LeClercq, Guam

Kat LeClercq, Guam 

Victoria and Gideon Minks, Japan

Joel Wilhite, Japan

Nathanael and Titus Wilhite, Japan

Josiah Wilhite, Japan

Malachi Wilhite, Japan

Agraj D, SE Asia

Kody Boylston, Pohnpei, FSM

Kierra Boylston, Pohnpei, FSM

Khloe Boylston, Pohnpei, FSM

Kaleb Boylston, Pohnpei, FSM

Michaela W, Southern Asia

Gabriel W, Southern Asia

Silas and Seth Dunbar, Brazil

Levi McCoy, Alaska

Abigail Minks, Japan

Felicia, Natalie, and Joey Matacchiera, Zambia

Zoie and Zanna Collins, Zambia

Abigail Johnson, Brazil

Daniel Johnson, Brazil

Qualifying genuine BMW MK pictures will be eligible to win a prize! Four $10 Amazon electronic gift cards are up for grabs. Winners announced Monday, March 13, 2017.

Submissions must be received by Saturday, March 11, 2017, 11:59 PM EST.

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