Monday, March 6, 2017

MK Spirit Week 2017 Monday

Monday, March 6

 Guess Who?

Dress up as a Bible character and see if we can guess who you are.

Snap a picture and turn it in. Please include the name of your Bible character with your submission.


Email your pictures to .

Four randomly chosen participants will receive a $10 Amazon electronic gift card.

One randomly selected winner will receive a $30 Amazon electronic gift card AND another randomly selected winner will receive a $20 Amazon electronic gift card!

Today's gift cards are sponsored by:

Whitney and Tara Owens
Charlotte Love
Margaret Chapman
Boiling Springs Baptist Church Ladies Class
Open Door Baptist Church, Clermont, FL

(Thank you for supporting our MKs!)

Pictures of today's submissions:

Seth and Jesse Schepers, Dominican Republic

Clara, Brenna, and Ethan Gansemer, Argentina

Malachi Minks, Japan

Paul Knickerbocker, Southern Asia

Jason and Abby Knickerbocker, Southern Asia

Michaela W, Southern Asia

Ethaen LeClercq, Guam

Kat and Nate LeClercq, Guam

Alexae LeClercq, Guam

Noah W, Japan

Isaiah W, Japan

Micah W, Japan

Joel W, Japan

Titus W, Japan

Grace W, Japan

Daniel, Timothy, and Nathaniel Spillman, Crimea

Abigail and Daniel Petersen, Uganda

Ben W, Southern Asia

Cheyenne Abrams, Hong Kong

Jocelyn Abrams, Hong Kong

Gabriel W, Southern Asia

Abigail Minks, Japan

 Natalie Matacchiera, Zambia

Joel Porcher, Ghana

Nathanael Porcher, Ghana

Adalyn and Caleb Porcher, Ghana

Kristen Smith, Japan

Joey Matacchiera, Zambia

Felicia Matacchiera

Calina Matacchiera, Zambia

Victoria M, Japan

Zebulun M, Japan

Josiah M, Japan

Hannah, Gideon, Tirzah, and Rebekah, Kazakhstan

Shae-Lynn Stensaas, Uganda

Skyler Stensaas, Uganda 

 Shiloh Stensaas, Uganda

Savannah Stensaas, Uganda

Clara Gansemer, Argentina

Brenna Gansemer, Argentina

Micah and Elijah Guay, Thailand

 Khloe Boylston, Phonpei, Federated States of Micronesia

Kody Boylston, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia

Kaleb Boylston, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia

Kierra Boylston, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia

 Moriah Rice, Italy

Rachel Rice, Italy

Rebekah Rice, Italy

Tony Matacchiera, Zambia

Kortney Clark, Germany

Christopher and Anna Shull, Greenland

Jonathan Shull, Greenland

Mattaliina Shull, Greenland

Caroline, Gabriel, and Isabelle W, Chile

Christina Rice, Italy

Nahum and Malachi W, Japan

Hannah Bower, Haiti

Michael Bower, Haiti

Joshua Markle, Puerto Rico

Jeremiah Markle, Puerto Rico

Darren, Katie, Nathan, and Lillian Tharp, Ireland

Samantha Bower, Haiti

SarahAnne Bower, Haiti

Sam Wheelock, Ecuador

Emily Wheelock, Ecuador

Sofia Wheelock, Ecuador

Bella Pence, Grand Cayman

 Reagan and Sadie Pence, Grand Cayman

Emma Pence, Grand Cayman

Zanna Collins, Zambia

Zoie Collins, Zambia

Karina Horner, Mexico

Kylar Horner, Mexico

Kirsi Horner, Mexico

Tre Horner, Mexico

Tully Horner, Mexico

Lauren Johnson, Dominican Republic

Tyler Johnson, Dominican Republic

Zack Johnson, Dominican Republic

Ashley Johnson, Dominican Republic

Gabriel and Abigail Williams, Mexico

Emma Williams, Mexico

Joshua Alexandro Lima, Brazil

Emilia Shull, Greenland

Ethan and Emily Powley, Mexico

Abigail Rose Johnson, Brazil

Juliana Markle, Puerto Rico

Martha McKendree, Peru

Phebe McKendree, Peru

Ian McKendree, Peru

Gideon Minks, Japan

Jennifer Kotvas, Peru

Jessica and Joel Kotvas, Peru

Joy Kotvas, Peru

 Isaac Guenther, New Zealand

Landon Guenther, New Zealand

Ethan Guenther, New Zealand 

Kayleigh Guenther, New Zealand

Levi McCoy, Alaska

Josiah L, Southern Asia

Gabriel L, Southern Asia

Abbie L, Southern Asia

Aria Matacchiera, Zambia

Ryan S, Russia

Josiah W, Japan

Caleb Grinstead, Argentina

Joel Grinstead, Argentina

Valerie and Aubrey Grinstead, Argentina

Mia Smith, Argentina

Silas Dunbar, Brazil

Seth Dunbar Brazil

Julianna Abbett, France


How to enter:

Must be a verifiable, legitimate, honest to goodness BMW Missionary Kid to participate or win.

To enter, submit a photo of you dressed for the MK Spirit Theme for the day. Email photo submissions to . Include the names of each MK participant in the picture. Also include the country or field of service OR the geographic region if security is a concern. Submissions must be received by Saturday, March 11, 2017, 11:59 pm EST.

Winners will be randomly selected from entries.

Winners announced Monday, March 13, 2017.


Jamie Knickerbocker said...

Ben!! 😂😂

Olivia said...

Love them all :)) So fun to see how creative everyone is!

Victoria Minks said...

I'm enjoying seeing everyone's pics! So much creativity! :)

Charity Rice said...

Everyone is so creative!! I love seeing all the pics!

Gideon Minks said...

These are all awesome!
Can't wait to see what everyone is going to do in the days to come!